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If you're moving into a newly constructed home in Birmingham or Hoover, AL or your current home needs an electrical update, you can rely on Brown's Electrical Contractors, Inc.for electrical installation, repair, service upgrades and maintenance services. Our experienced and skilled electrical contractors can handle just about any electrical issue. You can even ask us to wire your home from the ground up.

Choose us to do everything from lighting additions to Generac generator installation. Call 205 390-8228 now to schedule your electrical installation or repair.

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Signs you need electrical repair

How do you know that it’s time to call an electrician? Here are a few indicators that you need electrical repair:

  • You hear a buzzing sound from your outlets
  • You’re always flipping your circuit breakers
  • You notice sparks when you plug something in
  • Your outlets feel warm to the touch

If you notice any of these signs, contact us ASAP for electrical repair. We’ll send out skilled electrical contractors to your Birmingham, AL home to take care of the issue quickly.